About us
The grand opening
In 1884, Hirst Brothers, founded by Alfred Hirst, was established in Union Street in Oldham, UK. With the objective of producing timepieces, jewellery and optical goods of all kinds, the business soon began to flourish. By 1894, the expansion led to the company moving to larger premises in Curzon Street, Oldham. Just four years later, it registered as a limited company.

In 1904, Hirst Brothers saw the acquisition of a second business in Manchester, followed by the purchase of a third in 1907 in Birmingham.
An introduction to the Limit trademark
Alfred Hirst witnessed one of his greatest ambitions come to life in 1912, as his range of watches saw the introduction of the Limit trademark, a move that forecasted the start of a new era in the watchmaking industry.

Originally the early Limit watches carried a movement from the Waldenburg factory in Switzerland, which were shipped to the Oldham headquarters for assembly into British made ‘Dennison’ cases. The business later branched out with new sales offices in London and Glasgow, however with the outbreak of the war in 1914, Hirst Brothers switched from normal production to the manufacture of optical instruments.
A great place to work
Following the war, the company again began to prosper. Its growth gave rise to the construction of the five storey, seven acre, Tame Side clock factory in Saddleworth, near Oldham. The architecture echoed the modern functionalism of factories that Alfred Hirst had seen whilst visiting America. With huge windows for added daylight, tennis courts and cricket fields onsite, it was clear the working environment and employee welfare was a priority for the business.

By the 1920s the company had over 500 employees. The product range was varied, consisting of watches, clocks, jewellery, tools and materials, alongside running an exceptional repairs department.
The brand develops
In 1963 Limit was acquired by Time Products (UK) Ltd, but only later moved to its headquarters in Leicestershire in 2003. Here, the brand encompassed in-house watch design and quality control procedures to ensure the original high standards were maintained.

Limit launched a Centenary Collection in 2012 to celebrate its 100 year milestone as a watch brand. The brand prides itself on elegance, quality and tradition, each of which are principles that Alfred Hirst applied as the foundation for Limit watches, and are still paramount over a century later.

In 2016, as Limit enters a new era, a bold and modern new logo becomes its latest focal point. This branding represents a more cohesive, recognisable, and ultimately stronger aesthetic across all platforms, as Limit looks to build upon the success it has enjoyed for over a century.
Limit is a brand of great heritage, creating classic British designs that align with the watch and fashion industry. Each timepiece is made with great quality, undergoes rigorous quality control checks, and is sold at an affordable price. These values will undoubtedly continue as the brand develops.