If you’re in the market for a brand new timepiece this Spring, it may be worth checking out these favourite women’s watches we’ve gathered for you.

When it comes to women’s watches, you want something more than aesthetics. Of course, it’s great to choose a watch for its strap colour, round or square case and so much more, but for the most part, you want to ensure that your watch will stand the test-of-time in terms of durability and long life span, this is where a Limit time-piece really stands out from the crowd and can ensure a long lasting wear.

So, allow us to present to you our top picks for Spring 2018…

1. Model 6264
An exclusive collaboration between Limit and, this petite watch is definitely a looker in every way. It’s the must-have for the every day girl who adores “pretty things” with a chic edge. RRP £27.99
Check it out here.

2. Model 6281
Unleash your feminine side with this time-piece from Limit’s latest collection, Secret Garden. With it’s raised, 3D effect sunflower patterned dial, you will surely get a few envious “oohs and aahs”. RRP – £39.99
Check it out here.

3. Model 6257
Another exclusive collaboration between Limit and, this dainty time-piece is sure to catch your eye with its glistening sunray effect dial, whilst the blush pink tone of the strap oozes femininity. RRP – £24.99
Check it out here.

4. Model 6288
You’ll fall in love in an instant with this watch from the Secret Garden collection. This gorgeous timepiece has an applied-flatshine floral design which really sets this watch apart. A delicate delightful wrist watch. RRP – £29.99
Check it out here.